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Industry-Leading Insulated Panel Products & Solutions

To us, insulated panels are a lot more than just a construction material. They’re an opportunity to make your build process simpler and your operations more efficient.

We’re passionate about our panels and what they can do.

That’s why, for over 30 years, we’ve been coming up with new and better ways to design, manufacture and build thermal structures that save our customers time, energy and money.

This is why our customers, from national operators like Woolworths and Coles through to small local businesses, stay with us for the long term.

Advanced insulated panel solutions

We provide insulated panels and leading services to the food, pharmaceutical and construction industries. With products and the technology for every building type, we can build the custom solution for your business.

EPS-FR Insulated Panels

Our Therm-Loc EPS-FR insulated wall and ceiling panels are a smart solution for the construction, food processing and cold storage industries. Lightweight and fire retardant, these panels are locally made for fast delivery and cost efficiency. From insulated panels to entire kit rooms, choose us for your complete solution.

PIR Fire-Resistant Panels

For advanced insulation, our PIR fire-resistant panels offer even more energy savings. Made for all types of temperature controlled and hygiene-safe environments, we can advise on the best product from our range of Kingspan and Metecno PIR-cored fire-resistant insulated panels.

Insulated Doors

Our insulated panel doors can be manufactured to fit any kind of door - from sliding, to bi-part, hinged and more. This product comes complete with custom-designed extrusions, fixings and sealants for an efficient, complete project.

The superior building material

Widely hailed as the construction material of the future, insulated panels are strong, affordable and environmentally responsible. Large and small businesses are turning to thermal insulation thanks to its unsurpassed energy efficiency and the savings this can create.

Plus, when you work with Thermal Panel Solutions, you’re not only getting an industry-leading product, but you’re also working with a team of professionals that understands your business’ needs, and can be trusted to deliver the right product at the right price.

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