The Ideal Construction Material for Site Amenities

Insulated panels are the smartest choice of material for the construction of site amenities. Not only do they provide the most employee comfort thanks to their insulating properties, they’re cost effective and offer great flexibility in site amenity design & location.

Our ThermLoc panel is a lightweight, continuously manufactured insulated panel. It’s available with a range of thicknesses of internal and external skins of Colorbond® Coolroom steel laminated to a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS-FR) insulation in a variety of densities and in heights up to 10 metres.

Custom Panel Design & Manufacture

We design, manufacture and install complete partitioning solutions based on our locally manufactured EPS-FR panels and when FM-approved fire resistance is needed, we use PIR panels.

We also manufacture doors, hardware and other fittings to suit your exact needs, making your project a perfect fit, yet as simple and affordable as it can be.

Why use insulated panels for site amenities?

  • Provides flexibility in amenities location to reduce labour down time
  • Improves site employee comfort and wellbeing levels
  • Resists vermin such as rats, birds and insects
  • All panels cut to length ready for quick install with a minimum of downtime
  • Lightweight and can be made portable on steel frames
  • Windows can be incorporated into the projects to suit your requirements
  • Penetrations such as air-conditioning and windows can be incorporated into the job
  • Can be manufactured and installed to any shape and room requirements.