The Fast, Secure and Cost Effective Hoarding Material

EPS-FR panels are the ideal material internal hoardings. They’re strong, light and easy to keep clean, and can be relocated and re-used many times over.

Our ThermLoc panel is a lightweight, continuously manufactured insulated panel. It’s available with a range of thicknesses of internal and external skins of Colorbond® Coolroom steel laminated to a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS-FR) in heights up to 10 metres.

Custom Hoarding Design & Manufacture

We design, manufacture and install complete hoarding solutions based on our locally manufactured EPS-FR panels and when FM-approved fire resistance is needed, we use PIR panels.

Why use EPS-FR panels for interior hoardings?

  • SUPER quick to install on site on site by any competent tradesperson
  • Gives better security than plywood
  • Lightweight panels that can be re-used many times over
  • Accepts greater punishment than other forms of hoarding materials
  • Easier to clean bill posters and graffiti than plywood
  • Minimum amount of fixings required – only required at both top and bottom of panels.