How to Choose Thermal Panels for Your Business

April 25, 2018

If you’re in an industry that depends on refrigeration, cool rooms, or needs temperature-controlled environments, we have some good news for your business and your bottom line. You’ll be astonished at the efficiency and values of modern thermal panels.

New generation thermal panels are true precision products. They are performance calibrated to a very high standard, and they’re a good solution to built-in issues for stringent temperature controls. It’s well worth exploring your options because these panels really deliver measurable values.


Modern Thermal Panels Overview

The new generation of thermal panels is a major leap forward for thermally controlled environments.  They offer good design options that are flexible and based on hard metrics. They’re able to be adapted to the most demanding environments.

That’s good news for food storage, pharmaceuticals, and other highly sensitive products where a few degrees can cause damage to product quality.

For example:

  • Freezer wall panels are the main protective barrier for big retail and industrial freezers.
  • If they fail or don’t deliver the required insulation, you can lose any amount of very valuable stock.
  • Some freezers and temperature-controlled environments are massive; expensive stock needs the best possible protection.


This is where the new thermal panels make a difference. These precision-made panels are designed to perform to very high specifications.  You can think of them as “built-in risk management” in many ways.


Practical Design

The other major positive for modern thermal panels is their adaptability to just about any configuration.  Whether you need a large storage area or a highly developed thermal environment design, they can be adapted to whatever configuration you need.

That design flexibility is solving major problems for many big businesses. With the rise of online ordering, warehousing and new products hitting the market, a “no mistakes” thermal environment is now essential for all types of perishables.  These environments need to protect temperature-sensitive products which are subject to massive turnovers.


Choosing the Right Thermal Panels

Before you spend a cent on your insulation:

  1. Deal directly with thermal panel manufacturers. Don’t buy “off the rack” insulation. Cheap insulation is truly inferior and unreliable. These expert thermal panel manufacturers can help you with everything from basic thermal specifications to site design and installation. They’re problem solvers and preventers.
  2. Consider your cost options and ongoing costs. Thermal panel specialists can help you with these issues, including the all-important repairs if your insulation gets damaged. You can lock in a reliable source for quality insulation and get the help you need. Other suppliers can’t do that for you.


Looking for Thermal Panels in Sydney?

If you’re trying to find top-quality thermal panels in Sydney, Thermal Panel Solutions can provide all the products and expert services you need. Talk to our team and discuss your needs. You can call us on (02) 9132 4211 or contact us online.

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